Aged Care

Models of Service delivery in private, self managed and government managed Aged Care designed to give more choice and flexibility. Your loved one will have more control over the types of care and services they access and the delivery of those services, including who delivers the services and when.

Progressive Care Solutions can provide the specialist consultancy support for business and operational change, and financial and workforce management solutions.

Working Together


Progressive Care Solutions deliver expert solutions in business transformations through industry and community support, leadership training, organisational restructure, processes and systems, communication and marketing plans, and work with financial teams for financial analysis and projections.


Progressive Care Solutions consultants have specialist skills to work with teams for start-ups, mergers and acquisitions and rollout of individual projects and programs.


Progressive Care Solutions have specialist skills in initiation, submission and accreditation for Aged Care.


Progressive Care Solutions provides highly experienced and skilled consultants, supporting you in ensuring workforce and training toward evidence-based readiness.


Our expertise includes over 20 years experience in Project Management. Our team have the skills and knowledge to facilitate project conception and initiation , definition and chartering the course of implementation. We understand costs and resources required to deliver successfully and close, evaluating successes against goals.


Progressive Care Solutions have the ability to initiate, develop and implement a range of Strategic Planning documents, including the development of policy/procedure documents, Master Plans, and Corporate Strategies such as Vision / Mission statements. Through extensive consultation, we deliver optimal outcomes.


Progressive Care Solutions provide a framework to evaluate performance in risk management and quality improvement. We identify and implement risk and quality management processes consistently and in accordance with service delivery. Progressive Care Solutions consider risk, consumer safety and quality of care when assessing organisational performance against each action. We provide recommendations for assisting to manage risks at the organisational, division, department and or system level, to ensure that quality of care is integrated at all levels.