Out-Of-Home Care

The Royal Commission into Out Of Home Care and subsequent Recommendations have impacted the models of Out of Home Care, nationally, for many years.    

Progressive Care Solutions offer Corporate Support toward the latest legislative and safeguarding requirements of the sector, such as

  • Streamlined processes for Providers

  • Focus and assessment against the Child Safe Standards, and

  • Provider Code of Practice

Our consultants are experts in therapeutic modelling, development and program writing for groups and individuals. We have years of experience in navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Out-of-Home Care Interface

We deliver outcomes in a forecasting and budgeting environment.

How we can help


Progressive Care Solutions deliver expert solutions for transformation, leadership training, organisational restructure, internal process and systems, engagement, marketing plans and business analysis.


Progressive Care Solutions’ consultants have specialist skills to work with teams for individual projects and programs and have the expertise to mentor and navigate through start-ups, mergers and divestments.  


Progressive Care Solutions have specialist skills to mentor you through the latest changes in the process for assessment, and audit, for Out of Home Care.

Progressive Care Solutions can lead your team through implementation, independence, and sustainability.


Progressive Care Solutions strategise relationships for workforce and training solutions.


Our expertise includes 20 years’ experience in Project Management.

Our team have the skills and knowledge to deliver from project conception and initiation, definition of the project, to chartering the course of implementation. Progressive Care Solutions’ consultants understand costs and resources required to deliver a project and measure against goals.


Progressive Care Solutions have the ability to initiate, develop and implement Strategic Planning and Governance outcomes. We can develop policy/procedure documents, Master Plans, and Corporate Strategies such as Vision / Mission statements.


Progressive Care Solutions develop frameworks to evaluate performance in Risk Management and Quality Improvement. We identify and implement risk and quality management processes in accordance with service delivery.

Progressive Care Solutions consider existing processes, safety and quality of care when assessing organisational performance. We provide recommendations to improve and manage risk at strategic, operational, department or systems levels, ensuring quality of care is integrated at every level.