Inner Wellness seekers,

Become an Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner and A Heart-based NLP Practitioner

Learn and apply conscious Heart-Based Coaching to optimise inner wellness, using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Heart Coherence in an Online Intensive Training.

  • If you are business owners and coaches who want to advance your knowledge and practice skills,
  • If you want to help your team or your clients improve their wellbeing, become balanced and harmonious, improve results and create a meaningful transformation,
  • If you are willing to help the world shift into a more conscious, resilient, and balanced place,
  • If you want to start a health and wellness coaching business or want to scale up your coaching with better results.

Launch Hypnotherapy and Heart-Based NLP

Discover this new way to transform wellness, career, business, leadership, relationships, mental health, and life to the highest level.

Learn about the tools you can use to power up life and wellness with joy, renew your beliefs, and re-create a coherent program for your wellness that is aligned with a human’s inner intelligence led by the heart.
 – Dr Nas Parsian- Holistic/ Emotional Health, Consultant & Educator

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We believe it is important to find the right counsellor for your organisational requirements, which is what we do at Progressive Care Solutions.

The trust relationship that is built between a counsellor and you is a major contributor to the effectiveness of the counselling experience.

Our organisation actively works with the GP community and provides bulk billing for mental health referral plans if requested.

We have recognised and accredited counsellors in house, or through our network of partners. We connect you with a counsellor based on your organisational or individual requirements.

Our counsellors have over 20 years experience and a background in Psychology, Mental Health Social Work, Psychodynamic Therapy and are registered practitioners in the field of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Clinical Social Work and Family Therapy.

In addition to working with anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, grief and loss, they also have significant experience working with drug and alcohol dependence, menopause, parenting issues, chronic health, complex needs, insomnia, gambling problems and relationship breakdown.