David Shires


About David Shires

Specialist Consultant - Capacity Development


David has extensive international experience working with non-profit organizations, particularly those involved in community development, civic participation, adult education and social change, including in Australia, Scandinavia, the former Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and East Timor Fiji Solomon island.

Working in partnership with government, non-government organisations (NGOs) and Social Purpose Businesses in Australia and internationally, contributing to the growth of the Social Purpose Business sector by supporting and facilitating this sector’s Capacity development.

David has had a long involvement in adult and community education, and with empowering people to participate more actively in civic life. He uses a wide range of participatory methods and processes for needs assessment, project design, community development, training, production of resources, monitoring and evaluation. He has particular experience with the learning circle method and is skilled in enabling people to recognise and utilise their life skills. David also has a sound understanding of gender and its importance, particularly to identifying and addressing barriers to participation, and has conducted gender analysis training for a variety of non-profit organisations

David has supported many not for profit organisations in developing income generated projects, run workshops for students, accountants and newly started social enterprise and is supporting the development of a Social Enterprise hub/school in Melbourne.

With many years’ experience in running cafes and restaurants, he owned a large restaurant in Sweden, and at present is a director of a cafe in Bright Victoria. David has developed business model/plans as operational manuals, governance frameworks, marketing strategies, financial management systems, and product development specifically for both for the Cafe and Restaurant. David is in the process of exploring the possibility of designing a manual specifically for social enterprise cafes/restaurants.

David is also involved in the development of governance risk management frameworks, designed a number of Undergraduate Courses on Social Enterprises and programs for accountants and their involvement in the sector.