Dr Marie-Louise McDermott


About Dr Marie-Louise McDermott

Specialist Consultant



Dr Marie-Louise McDermott is an experienced adult educator, consultant and technical writer, with demonstrated skill in gathering and analysing data in many different fields. Her recent co-authored academic publications (listed on her Google Scholar profile at https://goo.gl/yBTVWS) are in fields ranging from qualitative methods, innovations in teaching and learning, systems research and behavioural science, to pharmacy practice.

Her work relating to sports history has appeared in Australian and international journals.

As technical writer and consultant, she has researched and written on topics ranging from supervision of postgraduate research students, waste management at local and regional levels, information technology acquisitions and operations, community development, community education, health assessments for rail safety workers, the manufacture, loading and laying of undersea cables, to the problems posed by blue green algae in the Murray-Darling Basin.

She has produced strategies, plans, manuals, procedures, newsletters, customer documentation, toolkits, training materials and other adult learning materials.

She developed her project management skills by managing a company and leading incorporated associations and technical writing teams.

She has also run adult discussion groups, coached postgraduate research students, taught English to adult speakers of other languages, tutored sciences and humanities units of university preparation programs and taught high school science.

Her qualifications include a PhD in cultural studies, an MA in public history, graduate diplomas in education and sciences communication, graduate certificates in screen writing, in experiential learning and in teaching English to adult speakers of other languages, as well as a science degree with honours.